Pink Noise Generator - 'the excitingly polite Joy Division' formed in 2012 by Matt Vecchio. Inspired by Funk, New Wave and Punk - An 80's music fan's wet dream - creating a sound that is full of emotion, feelings and reality...

PNG strive above all to be a contemporary, an original, and a genuine band. No studio magic, no copy cat trend hopping just real songs played by real people.

Music is art, music is performance.

Current line up:
Lachlan Clark - Zacc Breheny - Andrew Auld - Matt Vecchio


"Pink Noise Generator thrive their best in a dim pub, playing to a raucous crowd of music lovers..." - Causal Band Blogger

"funk, pop and punk influences with some dark-yet-accessible lyrics in a refreshingly un-self-conscious way." - Rip It Up

"The front runner Matt Vecchio without a doubt leads the band with his creative vision in what seems to be a different kind of sound than some of the other bands in the genre that we hear today. " - Music SA


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